The Storytelling for Social Change: A Citizen Media Toolkit is a dedication to the conversations and camaraderie we fostered through a series of workshops and sessions organised between October and December 2023, in Kota Kinabalu with a circle comprising filmmakers, artists, writers, performers and creative folks alike. As a group, we first gathered momentum through a countering-hate speech workshop and training co-organised with ARTICLE 19. Subsequently, Borneo Speaks, in consultation with the circle of nine persons, continued the dialogue on “freedom of expression” and “storytelling” in several face-to-face and online sessions that serve as a basis for this toolkit.

The desire to discuss and unpack layers of our Sabahan identity that shape the narrative of a “collective Self” comes through as we continue to grapple with the misrepresentation and underrepresentation of our multitudinous perspectives within the “Greater Malaysian narrative.” It has been our hope that the workshop and conversations would bring marginal Sabahan voices into the foreground and, in action, uplift our various identities, issues, and contexts. This “citizen’s media toolkit” is a product of documenting our process – grounded in our realities – and practices tailored for us, as Sabahans.

We invite you to download and use this document for future reference and personal and/ or not-for-profit and/ or non-commercial use.