After some conversation and prolonged thought, we have decided to let Borneo Speaks enter a state of slumber. The movement and noise of the every-day in each of our lives have lulled us as a group/ entity/ collective/ organisation/ work-in-progress into what we call hibernation. With gentle conviction, we allow ourselves this moment of stasis in order to take rest and recalibrate. 

In the time since we started, we found our potential through collaboration, projects and partnerships. Yet, (over)active participation is something that we would rather relinquish as it prohibits in us the ability to breathe and make room. We like to believe in a pace that is steady and unhurried; to surrender hyper-responsiveness in order to deeply listen and to invite moments/ encounters/ movement to find us. To borrow the words of Bayo Akomolafe, “the times are urgent, let us slow down.” 

In our slumber, we invoke the dreaming of new possibilities. And once our bones are rested, we hope with the headiness of fresh, awakened eyes, to be better able to do the work as intended. Till then.