Borneo Speaks presents our very first show, the Apa Cerita? podcast. With this podcast, we will kupas-kupas issues that affect everyday Sabahans by asking What’s Up? with an Ui, Apa Ba Cerita Ni? attitude. Taking us through these (sometimes difficult) conversations is host Amy Dangin.

The first ever episode explores the Sabah East Coast vs. West Coast divide with guests Neldy Dino, poet, author of nine books including “SULUG IN SABAH: THE WAY OF LIFE AND CULTURE”, and Suluk man himself; and Beverly Joeman, human rights activist and mummy extraordinaire.

You may listen to Apa Cerita? on Spotify or YouTube.

This first episode is also brought to you through a collaboration between Borneo Speaks and Article 19 under the Voices for Inclusion Program. You can learn more about Article 19 at

Director: Amy Dangin

Producers: Amy Dangin, Natasha Sim, Mariah Doksil

Editor: Amy Dangin, Natasha Sim

Graphics: Andrea Lajawai

Team: Fiqah Roslan, Rebecca Chong, Nancy Lai, Suraidah Roslan, Therenes Voo

Collaborators: Nalini Elumalai, Cheryl Yesudas